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Sep 07 , 2019

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NexPost Instagram API files

(originally created by @mgp25)

This is the only digital guide, not API access, of course, you can download the latest API build on GitHub (@mgp25). But you should know, that original Next post developer modified most of the API files for their own needs and if you just updated API files you will get a lot of errors and bugs. This guide just saves your time for that task.

Installation Instruction:

Replace with your src in this path

  • app\vendor\mgp25\instagram-php\src

Be noted:

  • Updating to this may break some of the automation modules which use location, which need to patch the modules, which will be included in the installation.

Why You need to use our API Update

1 – We directly check all things that should be compatible with NextPost.

2 – We do have our own fix we add them in files.

3 – We update the list of devices that can be used to log in.



Aug 6, 2019

Direct: Add sendReplayablePhoto() & sendReplayableVideo() – Add imporvment in Login – Adding total of 50+ new device and commenting the old devices

Aug 2, 2019

Update IGTV constraints – Add new key v100 – updated the list of devices and soon will find new devices to use

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